OSTEOPATH D. O. ELEANOR PRAIOTTI / Via G. B. Contubernio D'albertis 12/5 - 16143 Genova (GE) / P. I. 02561800992 / Mobile 3483186821 / E-mail eleonora.praiotti.osteo@gmail.com


Those who are

I was born in Genoa in 1993, are an osteopath, I attended the School of Osteopathy in Genova (IEMO) with a duration of five years full-time. I have chosen this profession because I like to stay in contact with people and especially being an alternative medicine, our approach does not require the use of drugs but rather the exclusive use of the hands. This does not preclude the taking of medications or approaches different from our own. My aspiration is to create a network of collaboration with multiple professionals, in order to create a path to complete therapeutic and subjective for each patient.

My educational path



* High School Diploma in socio-psycho-pedagogical Institute, S. Maria ad Nives (July 2012)


* Seminar: “Sleep, biological rhythms, inflammation. Role the health of osteopathy in preventive medicine, and integrated.” (April 2018)


* During cardiopulmonary resuscitation authorisation for the use of the defibrillator semi-automatic AED (June 2018)
Authorization DAE N. 5805/2018


* Course pediatric basic life support PBLS (April 2018)


* Degree in Osteopathy at the European Institute for Osteopathic Medicine - IEMO (December 2018)
Subject thesis: "the Effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment in patients suffering from tension headache"

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