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Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment that, while based on the fundamental sciences and the knowledge of traditional medicine (anatomy, physiology, ect..) does not involve the use of drugs or recourse to surgery, but through manipulation and specific maneuvers proves to be effective for the prevention, assessment and treatment of disorders affecting not only the neuro-musculo-skeletal, but also cranio-sacral (relationship between the skull, the vertebral column and the sacrum bone) and visceral (actions on the mobility of the visceral organs).
In addition, unlike traditional medicine and allopathic, that focuses its efforts on the research and elimination of the symptom, osteopathy treats the symptom as an alarm bell, and aims at the identification of the underlying cause of the appearance of the same symptom.(Tuttosteopatia)


The principles of osteopathy:

- The unity of the body

- Self-healing

The osteopathic techniques:

- Structural techniques
- Techniques, cranio-sacral
- Technical, visceral

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